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About Beth Messiah Ministries

Who We Are

Welcome to Beth Messiah Ministries International, a Christian Messianic organization, where our mission is to show our support to the global Jewish community.

With our headquarters nestled in the heart of New Jersey, we are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive space where the rich heritage of the Jewish people intersects with the transformative message of Yeshua The Messiah.

Join us as we journey together, embracing the beauty of Jewish culture and the life-changing impact of the teaching of Jesus Christ.

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Our Founder: Dr. Joe Piacentile

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Dr. Joe, Founder of Beth Messiah Ministries International, has been a devout member of the Christian Messianic Jewish movement for 35 years. Born and raised a roman catholic,

Dr. Joe came to the Lord in 1988 through a Jewish led ministry. Prior to launching Beth Messiah Ministries International, Dr. Joe spent many years in service through The Piacentile Family Foundation, supporting religious and medical charities. Dr. Joe has traveled on medical missions to Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Guatemala and the Crow American Indian reservation in Montana, servicing those without access to adequate medical care. Dr. Joe made his first pilgrimage to Israel in 2022.


*BMMI Mission and Vision*

At Beth Messiah Ministries International, our mission is to serve and support the global Jewish community while proclaiming the message of Yeshua as the fulfillment of Messianic hope. Our vision at Beth Messiah Ministries International is to be a beacon of hope, healing and spreading the gospel of Yeshua throughout the globe.

Show The Star
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Show your solidarity with the families of the Jewish victims of the horrendous October 7th attack by Hamas.


With any donation to Beth Messiah Ministries International, you'll receive a meaningful token of gratitude: the 'Show the Star; Share The Star' lapel pin.


With any donation of $100 or more or any monthly recurring donation we will send you 10 pins so you can share with your relatives and friends.

Spread the message, spread the hope. Stand up for our Jewish brother’s and sisters.


Your donation will directly aid the families in need and help us continue our vital work within the Jewish community.

All proceeds will go to the October 7th fund. A fund set up to give financial support to the victim’s family of the horrendous attack.

Show The Star - Share The Star
Lapel Pin Campaign

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Show your support and wear the 'Show the Star; Share the Star' pin as a symbol of hope, unity, and compassion.

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